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Sherry Finzer believes that music can heal. She is a Phoenix based flutist, performer, and composer, and runs Heart Dance Recordings – a label consisting of artists with a focus on healing music. Her company RS Promotions helps musicians get their music heard on radio stations around the globe.

Sherry’s sound has been influenced by the different genres of music she has played, and the variety of artists that she has collaborated with. Whether creating ethereal music for Spas, or more upbeat melodies for road trips, her magical tones are created by “low flute” instruments, of which include the alto, bass and contrabass flutes.

Recent accolades include awards from Zone Music Reporter for Trialogue – Best Album Acoustic 2016, Flute Flight – Best Relaxation/Meditation Album 2015, and Sanctuary III: Beyond the Dream – #1 on Echoes and CD of the Month January 2015.

You can listen to and follow Sherry on Pandora, Spotify, Facebook and Instagram. Her music can be purchased on Amazon, Apple Music, and Bandcamp. For more info about Sherry visit or


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