Sanctuary II: Earth

by Sherry Finzer

Released 2011
Heart Dance Records
Released 2011
Heart Dance Records
Sanctuary II: Earth is the second in Sherry Finzer's series of relaxation/meditation CD's. Utilizing the alto flute on all 6 extended tracks, Sherry paints vivid and expressive pictures of the Earth's elements, including woodlands, waters, and atmosphere.
Phoenix based flutist Sherry Finzer, is world-renowned, performing as a soloist, and with her groups Radiant Sky and dulce VAS. She is known for her wide breadth of musical styles on the flute, including new age, Latin, flamenco, classical, pop and jazz. She travels nationally and internationally to perform at a wide selection of venues, and is a Recording Artist for Heart Dance Records.

Sanctuary II: Earth is a continuation in the "Sanctuary" series. Sherry's …
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