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Emotional  & Healing Flute Music for Relaxation & Escape

When Sherry plays, it is like MAGIC ! 

~ Terry Hawke, Harborough FM

The Beginning

The Beginning is a meditational solo flute EP recorded at The Tank, a space with otherworldly and extraordinary reverb. This release is the first in The Gratitude Project series recorded by world-renowned flutist Sherry Finzer and explores the innocence and free-spiritedness of childhood, and the fading of that with age along with experiences that cause long-lasting scars.

ALBUM ART Sherry Finzer - The Beginning.jpg

Without speaking a word
From her flute I felt heard
Music touching my heart
Knew me right from the start

My breath taken away
Helped me feel I’m okay
Like a comforting cover
Like the arms of a mother

Thanks Sherry, for sharing your gifts with us.


 Anne Weprin

"I suffer from severe tinnitus and depression that comes from being unable to cope with years of this constant tinnitus. I am being treated by the VA for both medical and psychological issues. I can assure you that New Age Music, especially Sherry Finzer’s flutes, has helped me to cope and survive."




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