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Emotional & Healing Flute Music
for Relaxation
 & Escape

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Hello my friends!

Thank you so much for being a part of my family and my journey. I appreciate your support more than you know and am grateful for each connection.

I hope that you enjoy this latest release with the amazing pianist Michael Martinez. Desert Meets Ocean is a collection of songs featuring a variety of flutes with piano with elements of both the desert and ocean harmonizing together to create a relaxing instrumental soundscape to help relieve stress, calm and bring healing and peace to your day.

TERRY HAWKE, Harborough FM

When Sherry plays, it's like MAGIC

Sherry Finzer qr-code_7.png

Without speaking a word
From her flute I felt heard
Music touching my heart
Knew me right from the start

My breath taken away
Helped me feel I’m okay
Like a comforting cover
Like the arms of a mother

Thanks Sherry, for sharing your gifts with us.


I suffer from severe tinnitus and depression that comes from being unable to cope with years of this constant tinnitus. I am being treated by the VA for both medical and psychological issues. I can assure you that New Age Music, especially Sherry Finzer’s flutes, has helped me to cope and survive.


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