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Sherry Finzer believes that music can be used as a tool to create healing. Her musical journey has taken her from classical to jazz, pop, world, and flamenco, to today, where she feels her music does the best work by helping to calm, soothe and bring people to a state where they can begin to create self-healing through her meditative music. Fueled by stories shared by listeners and fans of how her music helps them deal with stress, depression, and physical ailments such as tinnitus, stroke, and cancer, she records, performs, composes, and runs Heart Dance Records – a label consisting of artists with a focus on creating music to be used to help mentally and physically heal. Sherry specializes in the low flutes - alto, bass, and contrabass, as well as Native flutes. 


Sherry's music can be heard on SXM Spa Channel (68), Pandora, Spotify, Music Choice Soundscapes, Galaxie Spa Channel, Calm Radio, River of Calm, Journeyscapes, international radio programming, multiple airlines, and overhead music channels. She was one of the first musicians asked to live stream on the Insight Timer app and performs weekly on this platform. Recently Sherry's song "Distant Rivers" was programmed on the PBS show "From Sea to Shining Sea".

She has recorded over 30 New Age & Contemporary Instrumental CDs and has released many singles.

Sherry is the founder and president of the Heart Dance Records label as well as Higher Level Media, a radio promotions company for instrumental musicians.


Sanctuary - 2009

Sanctuary II: Earth - 2011

Sanctuary III: Beyond the Dream - 2014 #1 on Echoes/Echoes CD of the Month, Nominated Zone Music Reporter Best Acoustic Album 2014

Transformation with guitarist Darin Mahoney - One World Music Album of the Year 2013

Flute Flight with Native American Flutist Mark Holland - Zone Music Reporter Best Meditation/Relaxation Album 2015

Trialogue with Darin Mahoney and pan-global percussionist Will Clipman -Zone Music Reporter Best Acoustic Album 2016

Let There Be Light with Tom Moore - Zone Music Reporter Best Relaxation/Meditation Album 2017

Traveler with Peter Sheridan - 2017

Auriga to Orion with Majestica (Cass Anawaty) Zone Music Reporter Best Chill Groove Album 2018.

In the Midst of Stars - Majestica nominated Best Contemporary Instrumental Album by the RoundGlass Music Awards 2016

Whispers from Silence with Tom Moore, nominated Best Relaxation Meditation Album 2016

Somewhere New with Mark Holland 2018

Acceptance - 2018

Remembrances with Greg Maroney - 2019

Sound Currents with Tom Moore - 2019 Winner Zone Music Reporter Best Relaxation/Meditation Album 2019

A Journey for Mankind with Tom Moore - 2019 Winner Zone Music Reporter Best Ambient Album 2019

The Space Between Breaths with Will Clipman - 2019 Nominated Zone Music Reporter Best World Album 2019

Christmas Picante with VeeRonna Ragone - remastered -2019

Indigo Skies Evenfall - 2020

TranscendenceFlute Meditations from The Tank - 2020 Nominated Best Solo Flute Album 2020 One World Music Radio

Strength & Serenity with Greg Maroney -  2020 Nominated Best Piano w/Instrumentation Album 2020 One World Music Radio

Behind the Door with Lynn Tredeau (single) - 2020

Earthbeat, Eventide with Joseph Akins (singles) - 2020

Full Moon Meditations - 2020

Soul Español with Chris B. Jácome - 2020

Monsoon Winds - Evenfall - 2020

Renewal - "Naked Flute" series - 2021 - Nominated Best Flute Album 2021 One World Music Radio

Spire with Majestica 2021

Solace with City of Dawn 2021

Desert Suite  with pianist Greg Maroney 2021

Connections  "Naked Flute" series 2022

Centered  (EP) with Karasvana  - 2022

Ubiquity (EP) - Evenfall -coming June 2022

Mystic Breezes with VeeRonna Ragone July 1, 2022

Moonwheel with City of Dawn - coming July 2022

Synesthesia "Naked Flute" series - coming October 2022

Sherry's arsenal of flutes include:


Pearl 14k Maesta C Flute

Pearl Contrabass Flute

Yamaha Gold Brass Alto Flute

Guo New Voice C, New Voice Grenaditte C, Piccolo, Treble G and Bass Flute

Pat Haran Native American-style A and Bb

High Spirits Native American-style flutes - G drone, E, low and high D, C, B

Butch Hall Native American-style flute E

Kuzin Bruce Native American-style F# drone

JP Gomez Native American -style G

Jadon Smith Native American-style flute in F, B

Various Native Flutes

Erik the Flutemaker Mdiation Flute

Geoffrey Ellis Xiao

Briccialdi Zi-Fi Headjoint on Pearl Flute

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