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Healing Song Creation for You

Our connections have gone through major changes over the past year. Instead of meeting and gathering in person, we are now a society connecting with others via Zoom, social media, apps, and other platforms. As a musician, it has always been important to me to connect with others through my music, which, in the past has usually been done with live performances. The changes that have led us here to live streaming, have led me to so many new connections with people around the world who use my music for meditation, relaxation, stress relief, tinnitus, and more.

These connections have led to empathic improvisations which are performed on my live streams. In May I will return to The Tank to create personal and intimate improvisations for 10 people. The recording made just for you or a loved one will be given to you to use as you wish and will also be released on my Connections album, planned for a fall 2021 release.

The cost for each recorded song is $250, which includes a video chat with me to find out more about you or your loved one. I will take their photo with me to The Tank to use as I create. You may choose the flute you would like me to record on if you desire.

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