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Review of Sherry Finzer's "Transcendence"


Hauntingly beautiful, this solo flute album from Sherry Finzer is simply put, a journey that is timeless, absorbing and infinitely soothing. Recorded at The Tank in Colorado, the single voice of the flute is transformed into a melodic and ethereal language of absolute peace and tranquility.

Transcendence moves beyond the everyday world of ‘new age’ music to create a sea of tranquility with an otherworldly ambiance; pure, simple which because of this simplicity, has an aura of delicacy that moves well beyond the physical plane.

The Tank is a venue much coveted by musicians for the unique reverberation created as notes are formed, a reverberation that allows the note to be drawn out, to linger, offering a unique sound unable to be created or formed in any other manner.

A rare addition to the music formed within The Tank is the sound of nature, the breath of the musician, the sound of the keys being depressed which are all captured in the recording process, adding to the absolute charm of the music.

Finzer has harnessed these distinct characteristics to create an album woven with a delicate touch, an improve collection which is dreamy, relaxing and inspirational.

Originally constructed as a water tank for the Steam Trains in 1940 but never used as such, The Tank was moved to Rangely, Colorado, in the 1960’s, where it was once again never used, as the location proved unsuitable for the weight of the tank, once filled with water. Abandoned, it became the haunt of locals who were familiar with the wonderful acoustics. A group of musicians heading home stopped off at The Tank, realising the potential of the acoustics. They eventually purchased it and in doing so created a unique recording studio which was carefully kept secret for some years. Now invited musicians can use the wonderful venue to create some of the most unique music recorded with instruments, rather than electronically.

Sherry Finzer hopes this gloriously peaceful collection brings with it a sense hope, peace and tranquility, which I can say after listening to this work a number of times, it certainly does, offering a moment of peace, Transcendence, in a world so recently very changed.

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